Coral Expeditions releases Wallis and Futuna itinerary

Coral Expeditions releases Wallis and Futuna itinerary

On 16 December 2022, Coral Adventurer will cast off from Cairns on an epic journey of discovery to the remote islands of Wallis and Futuna, located 2,000 nautical miles into the South Pacific. With no fixed itinerary, the 21-night voyage sailing from Cairns to Auckland is a true blue-water expedition for only the most intrepid of explorers.

‘Our loyal guests look for us to pioneer new expeditions and we have done just that with Wallis and Futuna,’ says Coral Expeditions Commercial Director, Jeff Gillies. ‘Our new fleet enables us to explore places few have heard of – let alone visited. These small islands caught our attention due to their rich and complex history.’

Contested for centuries by the Tongans, English and French, these island outposts are volcanic island groups separated by some 200km of Pacific Ocean. Those who step ashore on these islands follow in the footsteps of ancient Fijian and Samoan traders, pioneering Dutch navigators, later English explorers and French missionaries.

Coral Expeditions’ voyage will showcase layers of cultural influences marked by ancient Polynesian thatch fale houses, the traditional kava drink and imposing Catholic Cathedrals. After exploring Wallis and Futuna, Coral Adventurer will steam further south to Niue – one of the world’s largest coral atolls.

With no fixed itinerary, the Captain and Expedition Team will survey conditions along the way and call on rarely visited islands such as historical Luganville and lush Pentecost in Vanuatu. After crossing the International Date Line, guests will conclude their adventure in Auckland.


Voyage Highlights

  Be one of few to set foot on the remote islands of Wallis and Futuna
  Learn about the varied cultural influences and traditions of these remote island communities
  Enjoy the solitude and freedom of a true blue-water voyage in the company of our Expedition Team, Guest Lecturers and like-minded explorers
  Witness ancient cultural traditions at Pentecost Island
  Enjoy onboard festivities for a memorable Christmas and New Year at sea
  Roll back your watch by 23 hours as we cross the International Date Line
  Step ashore on the remote atoll of Niue, one of the largest coral atolls in the world
  Disembark in Auckland and bask in the Kiwi summer before flying back home

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