David Kempinski Tel Aviv to open early next year

One of the most anticipated beachfront properties in Tel Aviv will officially open its doors to guests in February.


The David Kempinski Tel Aviv is the first property from the group in Israel and is designed to raise local hospitality standards.

Boasting 250 rooms, most with sea views, including 56 suites and a three-floor, 4,843 square foot, the 34-story property offers exceptional dining and entertainment facilities.

Peer out beyond the sea at the Cloud51 rooftop bar with libations from the city’s leading nightlife group (opening in April), dine at the upscale Sereia Restaurant & Lounge, relax at the pool bar, and inside the majestic infinity pool facing the Mediterranean sea or kick back at the Common Bar, the whisky and cigar lounge.

One of the hotel’s most enticing offerings is the top-floor private lounge and pool, reserved exclusively for the hotel’s signature suite category guests.

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