easyJet to loosen mask wearing rules on certain flights

easyJet has confirmed mask wearing will no longer be required on some of its flights from Sunday.

The low-cost carrier said, where masks are no longer legally required at both ends of the route, mask wearing would be a personal choice.

It means passengers will not have to wear a mask on UK domestic flights, including Jersey, excluding Scotland.

The rule change will apply to flights to Denmark, Gibraltar, Iceland and Hungary.

easyJet said: “We urge European governments to have a coordinated approach on the removal of the requirement where possible, to make it easy and clear for customers.”


“Any customers or crew who wish to continue wearing a mask will of course have their personal choice respected.

“As a pan-European airline operating between over 30 countries, we must continue to ensure that we and our customers follow the legal requirements of all the countries we fly to.”

Several other airlines have relaxed mask-wearing rules in recent weeks, including British Airways, Jet2.com and Tui Airways.

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