Nirvana Tours unveils latest United Arab Emirates investment

Nirvana Tours has acquired a fleet of Mercedes-Benz Luxury Buses from Emirates Motor Company.

The deal includes ten first-class buses with luxurious amenities, state-of-the-art technological attachments and sophisticated interior design.

The buses have the latest technology to suit the needs of luxury travellers.


The two companies formally announced and celebrated this milestone deal during an official ceremony held at the Nirvana Holding head offices at the Marina Breakwater in Abu Dhabi.

During the occasion, Omar Al Ali, chief executive of Nirvana Tours, said: “The new buses are part of our ongoing plan to provide our clients the highest levels of luxury and safety.

“We thank Emirates Motor Company for providing us with this state-of-the-art fleet.

“These buses will be utilised for exciting upcoming projects, and to suit a growing demand from our clients.

“Our agreement and partnership with Emirates Motor Company is built on several years of trust, during which they have provided a massive fleet of buses and cars.”

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Nirvana Tours is considered the World’s Leading Tour Operator by voters at the World Travel Awards.

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