Sixt adds new electric vehicles to its offering

Sixt is adding a sustainable, CO2-reduced alternative to its ride service.

Travellers can now choose hybrid or fully-electric vehicles when booking transfer or limousine services.

This means Sixt ride customers travel not only comfortably but also environmentally friendly when on holiday, on business or in everyday life.

The hybrid or fully electric models are available in Berlin, Dresden and Munich in addition to numerous other European cities in France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

Sixt ride offers customers worldwide a comprehensive network of taxi, limousine and ride services.


Customers can now select the hybrid or fully electric vehicles when booking journeys online at Sixt ride or via the Sixt app.

In addition to the taxi and ride service, the app also bundles car rental via Sixt rent, car sharing via Sixt share and the Sixt+ car subscription, thus offering customers the right mobility solution for their needs at all times.

Melanie Wand, executive director, Sixt ride Operations, said: “By integrating a hybrid and fully electric vehicle range in Sixt ride, we offer our customers a CO2-reduced option for transfers during holidays, on business trips or in everyday life thus taking a further step towards a comprehensive, sustainable range in the interests of our customers.

“We see a rise in demand for electromobility in the market and are pleased to be able to meet this with our ride service.

“Once again, we are putting our customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do at Sixt.”

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